ALEF is organizing a biweekly seminar with talks by invited speakers, both in English and in Romanian.

The meetings take place on FRIDAYS at 18.00 (EEST).

Here is the schedule for the academic year 2020-2021:

  1. Iovan Drehe (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca), “Despre consistența hegelianismului ca model de istoriografie filosofică”. October 16, 2020. [poster]
  2. Bogdan Dumitrescu (University of Bucharest), “Freedom and Metaphysics of Time: The Open Future vs A-Theories of Time”. October 23, 2020. [poster]
  3. Diana-Cristina Bulzan (University of Art and Design Linz), “Was für einen seltsamen Mensch. Re-Reading VALIE EXPORT’s Feminist Aesthetics”. November 6, 2020. [abstract and poster]
  4. Eduardo Pérez-Navarro (University of Granada), “The Way Things Go: Moral Relativism and Suspension of Judgement”. November 20, 2020. [abstract and poster]
  5. Nicoletta Bartunek, “A Few Thoughts on Later Wittgenstein and Quasi-Realism”. December 4, 2020. [abstract and poster]
  6. Mircea Dumitru (University of Bucharest), “Fictionalism and Free Logics”. January 15, 2021. [poster]
  7. Răzvan Ioan (New Europe College Bucharest), “Machiavelli’s Epistemology. Anti-Platonism in The Prince”. January 29, 2021. [poster]
  8. Bogdan Oprea, “On Representation: Kant, Davidson, and Rorty”. February 19, 2021. [abstract and poster]
  9. Andreea Popescu (University of Bucharest/National University of Political Studies and Public Administration), “Easy Ontology and Group Agency”. March 5, 2021. [poster]
  10. José Ángel Gascón (Universidad Católica del Maule), “Argumentative Bullshit”. March 12, 2021. [poster]
  11. Andrei Achim (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca), “Certainty and Conspiracy Theories”. March 26, 2021. [poster]
  12. Ștefan Bârzu (University of Bucharest), “Hermeneutics Beyond Epistemology: A Critique of Biblical Fictionalism”, April 9, 2021. [abstract and poster]
  13. Claudiu Mesaroș (West University of Timișoara), “Genul protreptic și convertirea la filosofie”. April 23, 2021. [poster]
  14. Ciprian Bogdan (Babeș-Bolyai University), “Deliberative Politics and Intersectional Dialectics”. May 21, 2021. [poster]
  15. Sònia Roca Royes (University of Stirling), “Next Steps in the Epistemology of Modality”. June 18, 2021. [abstract and poster]
  16. Crăița Florescu (EUCOM Business Language), “Universal Grammar vs Linguistic Relativity in Second Language Acquisition”. June 25, 2021. [abstract and poster]