Second ALEF Workshop in Analytic Philosophy

September 25-26, 2020


This is the second workshop organized by the group, aiming to bring together Romanian researchers in an effort to make their work known to each other. This edition’s presentations covered topics in epistemology, logic, metaethics, metaphysics, philosophy of action, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind and political philosophy. Below you can find the program of the workshop. For more details, check the webpage of the event.


Friday, September 25

Chair: Paula Tomi
9.50-9.55: Welcome
10.00-10.50: Robert Chiș-Ciure (University of Bucharest), “A Kantian Inheritance: Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness and the Transcendental Deduction” [live session]
11.00-11.50: Iulian Toader (University of Vienna) & Constantin Brîncuș (University of Bucharest), “Categoricity and Logical Revisionism” [live session]
12.00 – 12.25: Bogdan Dicher (University of Lisbon) & Francesco Paoli (University of Cagliari), “Substructurality on Metainferential Conceptions on Logic” [live Q&A]

Lunch break

Chair: Adrian Briciu
14.00-14.50: Andreea Popescu (University of Bucharest), “Evaluating Singular Action Sentences” [live session]
15.00-15.50: Dan Zeman (Slovak Academy of Sciences) & José R. Torices (University of Granada), “Implicaturist-Expressivist Accounts of Disagreement” [live session]
16.30-16.55: Mihaela Popa-Wyatt (ZAS Berlin), “Norm Shifting through Slurs” [live Q&A]
17.00-17.25: Andrei Moldovan (University of Salamanca), “Questions and Presuppositions” [live Q&A]
​17.30-17.55: Laura Nicoară (University of Southern California), “Moral and Political Worries about Multiple Meanings Accounts of Gender Terms” [live Q&A]

Saturday, September 26

Chair: Dan Zeman
10.00-10.50: Mona Simion (University of Glasgow), “Resistance to Evidence and the Duty to Believe” [live session]
11.00-11.50: Andrei Mărășoiu (University of Bucharest), “The Truth in Understanding” [live session]
12.00-12.50: Sergiu Spătan (University of Hamburg), “Certainty-Based Invariantism and the Lottery” [live session]

Lunch break

Chair: Mihai Rusu
14.00-14.50: Sorin Băiașu (Keele University), “Merit and the Epistemological Argument Against Desert” [live session]
15.00-15.50: Alexandru Volacu (University of Bucharest), “Free-riding and Compulsory Voting” [live session]
16.00-17.25: Adina Covaci (University of Warwick), “The Real Problem with Moral Deference” [live Q&A]

In addition, the following presentations were featured on our YouTube channel (Fri & Sat, 10.00-18.00):
Alexandru Dragomir (University of Bucharest), “On the Possibility of Achieving Suprapersonal Moral Status as a Result of Cognitive Enhancement – Are We Justified to Believe It?”
Camil Golub (Rutgers University/University of Leeds), “Normative Quasi-Naturalism and Its Virtues”
Nora Grigore, “Understanding Presuppositions of Moral Normativity”