First ALEF Workshop in Analytic Philosophy

December 19-20, 2018

Department of European Studies and Governance, Babeș-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca

This is the first workshop organized by the group, aiming to bring together Romanian researchers in an effort to make their work known to each other. Presentations covered topics in metaphysics, philosophy of language, argumentation theory, logic, philosophy of mathematics, epistemology, ethics and political philosophy. Below you can find the program of the workshop. For more details, check the webpage of the event.


Wednesday, December 19

10.00-11.00: Dan Zeman (University of Vienna), “A Rich-Lexicon Approach to Evaluative Expressions”
11.00-12.00: Nicoletta Bartunek, “‘Meaning is Use’ and Therapy”
12.00-13.00: Bianca Savu (University of Bucharest), “The Notion of Decline in Auguste Comte. A Discussion on the Lessons 52-55th from Course de philosophie positive
14.00-15.00: Andreea Popescu (University of Bucharest), “Kripke’s Semantical Considerations, Naming and Possible Objects”
15.00-16.00: Gheorghe Ștefanov (University of Bucharest), “Direct Reference – A Conceptual Proposal”

Thursday, December 20
9.00-10.00: Ariana Guga (Babeș-Bolyai University), “The Myth of the Saviour in the Communication Strategies Used in Romanian Presidential Election Campaigns after 1989”
Coffee break
​10.15-11.15: Adrian Ludușan (Babeș-Bolyai University), “Can the Internal Categoricity of Arithmetic Secure Its Referential Determinacy?”
Coffee break
11.30-12.30: Bogdan Dicher (University of Lisbon), “Logical Nihilism: An Obituary”
14.30-15.30: Paula Tomi (University of Bucharest), “A Possible Minimalist Response to The Liar
15.30-16.30: Mihai Rusu (Babeș-Bolyai University/USAMV Cluj-Napoca), “A (General?) Problem for Modal Epistemology”
Coffee break
16.45-17.45: Ciprian Bogdan (Babeș-Bolyai University), “Speculative Realism: A (Mostly) Critical Perspective”